Kens Mobile 07813 958104 
Landline 01803 524347 
Adam's Mobile 07920 528929 
James' Mobile 07813 120452 
Ken's Mobile 07813 958104 
Landline 01803 524347 
Adam's Mobile 07920 528929 
James's Mobile 07813 120452 

About Draincure 

Draincure was founded in 1983 by Ken Twydell, a former Environmental Health Officer who had left the cosy world of local government to become a partner in a small building firm. 
Draincure is a family company dealing with drains and just drains in South Devon. 
Our main area of operation includes Torbay, Teignbridge, South Hams and Exeter, although we do travel as far as Plymouth in the west and Honiton in the east. 
The Company is still run by Ken, aided by his son, James, and long term employee Adam. We provide just drainage services, including clearance (anything from a clogged sink to a blocked main drain), surveys (including pre purchase and sewer buildover), lining (& relining), pitch-fibre pipe reforming (rerounding) and renovation, repairs and renewals and high pressure water jetting. 
Although a small company, we have invested heavily in CCTV cameras to survey and trace drains, drain jetting and drain clearing machines and hi-tech drain lining (relining) equipment. 
Services Offered 
Unblocking sinks, toilets, drains & sewers: We have a full range of machines ranging from an 8mm flexible snake for clearing clogged sinks to high pressure water jetters for cleaning and descaling of larger drains 
Drain surveys: Including pre-purchase surveys, sewer buildover surveys, drainage investigations and drain tracing. Our reports are clear and informative whilst avoiding jargon. 
Reports for sewer buildover surveys are in a form acceptable to South West Water. 
Drain lining (and relining) including patch lining. Also called cured in place plastic (CIPP) lining. Our 'No Dig' solutions save money and avoid disruption, whilst giving an end product that is often stronger than the original pipe. 
Pitch-fibre pipe reforming and renovation - We have various methods of reaming out and reforming defective pitch-fibre pipe See photo at top of this column. We then line the reformed pipe with hot cured Brawoliner. 
Drain repairs and renewals - We take great pride in the quality of our workmanship 
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