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Ken's Mobile 07813 958104 
Landline 01803 524347 
Adam's Mobile 07920 528929 
James's Mobile 07813 120452 

Exeter's *Nearby Local Drainage Services   *OK. We are based in Torquay but our charges for Exeter are the same as those for Torquay. After all, Exeter is only 25 minutes from home and the chances are we will be even nearer at some point during the day as we regularly clear drains in Newton Abbot, Bovey Tracey, Chudleigh, Teignmouth and Dawlish.  Some companies give the impression that they are based in Exeter when they are not. Quite a few of them are not even in Devon; but you wouldn't realise it as they include 'Exeter' in an additional trading name and publish Exeter specific websites/pages incorporating the local 01392 or freephone 0800 dialing codes and mentionig Exeter as often as possible to fool the algorithm. Actual trading addresses or the names of parent companies can be hard to find. 

Blocked Drain Clearance and CCTV Surveys in Exeter 
Fixed price drain unblocking & cleaning 
Blocked pipes, drains, sinks & toilets cleared 
High Pressure Water Jetting 
Homebuyers Pre-Purchase CCTV drain surveys 
Sewer Buildover Permission Surveys 
Drain tracing and investigations 
Drain surveys to investigate rat infestations 
Installation of the RatGate Rodent Prevention System 
Retrieving 'lost' items such as drain rods 
Cutting out root ingress within a drain 
Descaling cast iron pipes 
We offer a genuine fixed price of £110 plus VAT (£132 total) to clear a blocked drain, toilet or sink at a single private property in our local area which includes Torquay, Paignton, Brixham, Totnes, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth and Bovey Tracey and extends all the way to Exeter. There is a small travelling surcharge for more distant locations. 
No extra charge is made for the use of machines including the high pressure water jetter 
No charge is made for time taken. Jobs may take from 1/2 hr to 3 hrs, but most are around 1hr 
This way, the easy jobs subsidise the hard jobs and the customer doesn't get any nasty surprises 
This fixed price is not applicable to: 
Commercial premises 
Rented properties 
Properties on septic tanks 
Shared pipes of flats - but it does apply to pipes serving just a single flat 
Root cutting or removing concrete or heavy silt deposits 
Digging out of buried manhole covers 
Difficulties due to inaccessible manhole covers & making new access points 
Lifting decking 
Retrieving lost rods or 'Items' 
Working from multiple properties 
CCTV investigations and drain tracing 
Such jobs have too many unknowns so we have to charge by time: 
£110 plus VAT gets you the first hour on site. It is a minimum charge and it will cover 90% of jobs 
Any additional time is charged at £22.50 plus VAT per 1/4 hr 
Above does not include root cutting or descaling with the Picote machine which costs £150 plus VAT for the first hour on site and £25 per 1/4 hour therafter. This is usually booked ahead. 
Only time worked is charged. If we stop for coffee etc, the clock stops too 
There is no charge for any video recorded during a CCTV drainage investigation 
A full report for a CCTV investigation is £90 plus VAT. This includes a plan of the drainage layout, an observation log (with photos of any defects) and recommendations 
A brief report for a CCTV investigation is £45 plus VAT 
Weekends, Evenings and Bank Holidays cost extra - generally plus 50% 
There is a surcharge for distant areas such as Dartmouth, Kingsbridge, Exmouth, Honiton & Crediton 
CCTV Pre-Purchase or Homebuyers Drainage Inspections and Surveys: 
We usually quote for these based on the number of manholes at the property 
This way we can give you some idea of the costs 'over the phone' without first visiting the propery 
The thinking being that the more manholes there are, the more involved the drain survey will be 
The cost of the site visit and preparation of the report is £220 plus VAT for a one manhole property 
Each additional manhole costs £45 plus VAT 
The average number of manholes is 3 although there are plenty with just 1 and more than 5 is rare 
We give a clear, no nonsense quotation together with a realistic expected time of arrival. If you wish, we can phone ahead when we are on our way. 




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