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A very rare occurence 
We had an interesting job today.  
A house without a connection to the public sewer. 
Although a newly built house, the sewer had needed to be redone. Apparently they had not (re)connected this particular house and the effluent from the drains had been soaking away to ground for some time. 
To attempt the clearance and investigate all other possibilities took James about 3 hrs. 
He even called me (Ken) out just to confirm his findings.  
The bill was still our standard charge.  
The lady customer was very grateful and kindly gave us a couple of beers to take away.  
I can only recall one other such situation and that was probably 35 years ago. It was in an antique shop just by the Dartmouth Lower Ferry. Although there was a stream of sewage running through the shop, the owner was totally calm about the whole thing. He was a retired Wing Commander and would have been of an age to have seen action in the last war.  
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