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Ken's Mobile 07813 958104 
Landline 01803 524347 
Adam's Mobile 07920 528929 
James's Mobile 07813 120452 

Drain Clearance And Cleaning 

We have been clearing blocked drains for over 30 years. As we have come across different drainage problems, we have invested in the specialist plant and equipment in order to be able to deal with whatever blockages come our way. Examples of our equipment are: 

High pressure water jetters 

With these, water is pumped at high pressure through a steel reinforced hose fitted with a nozzle at the end that has (mainly) rearward facing holes - designs vary with application. The resulting jets of water propel the hose into the drain. When a blockage is encountered, it is liquified by the water ...... and so the drain is cleared. This machine is also useful for cleaning drains with fat deposits and flushing out silt that may have settled in the drain. High pressure water jetting is probably our main method of cleaning drains. 

Revolving spring (electro-mechanical) machines 

Ranging in size from just 6mm for clogged sink wastes to 32mm for heavy duty root cutting and descaling. They are also useful for indoors work where high pressure water jetting would be messy. 

Descaling & root cutting 

A very specialised machine we have is an air motor that is driven by a very large compressor. This has a wire cup attached that spins so fast it becomes a disk. We use this for descaling cast iron pipes and root cutting. 
We also now have a Picote macine. Click on the name to find out all about it. 

Suction devices 

Mainly used for clogged sinks and blocked toilets 


Metal, fibre-glass and plastic. They all have their uses. 


Very useful for retrieving stuff from drains. On a few occasions we have even ‘saved the day’ and fished out keys that were dropped down a drain. 
Ken using an electro-mechanical drain clearing machine. 
We were in a very posh frock shop in Torquay. 
Any spray from the high pressure water jetter would not have been welcome. 
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