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Not all drainage contractors are the same 
I heard today about a landlord who had his drains cleared by another firm.... 
First Mistake: He chose a firm who are not based locally even though he thought that he was contacting a local firm. 
Thats an easy mistake to make as a lot of firms include Torquay and other local towns in multiple web page addresses. Many will use local phone codes as well even though they are based a long way away. 
Second Mistake: He didn't make sure exactly what the charges would be and he ended up with a bill for £890.  
OK. It was on the weekend, but we would have only charged £150 plus VAT.  
On a weekday it would have been even less at £100 plus VAT 
Apparently some of the billing features they used were:  
Charging double their rate as they had two men there. Even though, according to the tenant only one was working at any one time. 
Charging exra for using the high pressure water jetter. 
They did offer to put the CCTV camera down...... but for a further £125!!!!!!! Whether that was in addition to the double hourly rate they were already charging I dont know; as the poor landlord declined their offer of further work. 
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