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Ken's Mobile 07813 958104 
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CCTV Camera Surveys, Investigations & Tracing 

House pre-purchase surveys 
Build over surveys 
Drainage survey as part of an investigation into subsidence 
Investigation as to the cause of sewage seeping through basement or retaining walls 
Investigations following rodent infestation 
Tracing and location of drains 
An example of our CCTV camera footage 
1. House Pre-Purchase Drainage Surveys: 
These are becoming more commonplace; and with very good reason. Even if the manholes look good inside and there are no signs of blockages, the actual drain pipes may have major defects that would only be visible were a CCTV camera be put down the drain. 
Our pre-purchase surveys include a movie of all of the accessible runs of drain and a written report that includes a scale plan of the drain layout and photos of defects that were observed with the camera together with recommendations and costing allowances where appropriate.  
Often a homebuyers drainage survey is the last thing asked for during the house purchase process and it can be a stumbling point. To make the whole process as quick and easy as possible: 
We give a firm quotation, based on the number of manholes on the property. This is confirmed with an email or text message 
Once you instruct us, we will arrange access, carry out the survey and deliver the report as quickly as possible - typically 3 days. 
We usually send the report as a pdf attachment in an email together with a link to the movie. If you want a printed copy and/or a DVD we will happy to oblige for an additional charge. 
2. Sewer Build-Over Surveys: 
Most sewers and many drains are now adopted by the Local Water Authorities (South West Water in this area) and their permission is required to build over or divert them. 
An application to do this usually requires an initial CCTV drainage survey. SWW expect the report to be in an accepable format and the movie to be on a DVD. We have carried out many of these and never had a problem with compliance. 
Once building permission has been granted, conditional on the sewer being renewed or diverted, the usual procedure is for SWW to have their own inspector on site whilst the new drains are being laid and for a CCTV survey of the renewed drains to be carried out (by your contractor - hopefully us) whilst he is still on site. We are quite used to this and we can arrange tie in the timing with the inspector and your contractors. Again a report and DVD is usually required. 
Please note: What the Water Authority may require is up to them and it may change.  
3. Investigations: 
These may be for a variety of reasons such as: 
To find the cause of blockages. 
To find where rats may be getting in & out 
To account for smells…or at least eliminate the drains as to their cause. 
To find causes for water or effluent seeping through retaining walls or the ground. 
As part of an investigation by a structural engineer regarding subsidence 
A plunger stuck in a pitch-fibre drain. 
We did manage to get it out 
4. Tracing: 
The camera incorporates a transmitter (sonde). We have a matching receiver with which we can get an accurate location and depth of the camera. This is of particular use for: 
Locating a collapsed or damaged section before excavation 
Mapping the run of a drain so that it can be joined into by a new drain 
Site surveys on devopement sites 
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